Corona Effect: Changes in Board Exam Dates Complete List

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All the state and central exams dates are effected due to Corona Virus (COVID 19) outbreak in India. Check complete of changes in 10th and Inter board exam dates. The Central Government orders all states to postpone all exams of every board and even recruitment, entrance and college exams till the situation will be assessed again.

Many popular exams have been cancelled at the school, college and university level. This article has a list of all the exams that have been cancelled or postponed. Here is the list of all entrance exams and board exams postponed or extended dates. All most all the exam application dates are now extended and some are postponed to some other dates due to lock down through out the country. Here in this page we are regularly updating the postponement news regularly.

Here is Complete list of exams Cancelled, Rescheduled, Postponed, etc.

Name of the boardOld Exam DatesExam StatusNew Exam Dates AfterResults Status
Andhra Pradesh 10th31st March – 4th AprilPostponedN/ATBA
Andhra Pradesh Inter04th – 23rd Mar CompletedTBA
Assam 10th10th – 29th FebruaryCompletedTBA
Assam 12th12th February – 14th MarchCompletedTBA
Bihar 10th17th – 24th FebruaryConcludedTBA
Bihar 12th3rd – 13th FebruaryConcluded24th March
CBSE 10th15th February – 20th MarchPostponed15th AprilTBA
CBSE 12th15th February – 30th MarchPostponed15th AprilTBA
Chhattisgarh 10th3rd – 26th MarchPostponedN/ATBA
Chhattisgarh 12th2nd – 31st MarchPostponedN/ATBA
Goa 10th2nd – 12th MarchPostponed14th AprilTBA
Goa 12th27th February – 14th MarchPostponed14th AprilTBA
Gujarat 10th5th – 17th MarchConcludedTBA
Gujarat 12th (General)5th – 16th MarchConcludedTBA
Gujarat 12th (Science)5th – 21st MarchConcludedTBA
Haryana 10th5th – 26th MarchPostponedTBA
Haryana 12th4th – 30th MarchPostponedTBA
HImachal Pradesh 5th, 8th, 9th05th – 21st March
Himachal Pradesh 10th6th – 20th MarchPostponedTBA
Himachal Pradesh 11th7th – 26th MarchPostponed
Himachal Pradesh 12th5th – 28th MarchPostponedTBA
Jharkhand 10th11th – 28th FebruaryConcludedTBA
Jharkhand 12th11th – 28th FebruaryConcludedTBA
Karnataka 10th21st March – 3rd AprilPostponedTBA
Karnataka 1st PUC10th – 25th FebConcluded
Karnataka 2nd PUC4th – 23rd MarchPostponed14th AprilTBA
Kerala 10th10th – 26th MarchPostponedTBA
Kerala 12th10th – 26th MarchPostponedTBA
Madhya Pradesh 10th3rd – 27th MarchPostponedTBA
Madhya Pradesh 12th2nd – 31st MarchPostponedTBA
Maharashtra 10th3rd – 23rd MarchPostponed14th AprilTBA
Maharashtra 12th18th February – 20th MarchPostponedTBA
Manipur 10thFeb – Mar, 2020 Postponed
Manipur 12thFeb – Mar 2020 ostponed
Meghalaya 10th5th – 16th MarchPostponedTBA
Meghalaya 11th02nd – 25th MarPostponed
Meghalaya 12th02nd – 25th MarchPostponedTBA
Mizoram 10th28th February – 22nd MarchPostponedTBA
Mizoram 12th18th February – 18th MarchPostponedTBA
Nagaland 10th14th – 26th FebruaryConcludedTBA
Nagaland 12th12th February – 4th MarchConcludedTBA
Orissa 10th19th February – 2nd MarchN/ATBA
Orissa 12th03rd – 28th MarN/ATBA
Punjab 10th17th – 13th MarchPostponedN/ATBA
Punjab 12th3rd – 30th MarchPostponedN/ATBA
Rajasthan 10th12th – 24th MarchPostponed14th AprilTBA
Rajasthan 12th5th March – 3rd AprilPostponed14th AprilTBA
Tamil Nadu 10th27th March – 13th AprilPostponed14th AprilTBA
Tamil Nadu 12th03rd – 27th MarchPostponedTBA
Telangana 10th19th March – 6th AprilPostponedTBA
Telangana Inter5th – 27th MarchAs per schedule15th AprilTBA
Tripura 10th3rd – 27th MarchAs per scheduleN/ATBA
Tripura 12th2nd – 31st MarchAs per scheduleN/ATBA
Uttar Pradesh 10th18th February – 03rd MarchConcludedTBA
Uttar Pradesh 12th18th February – 6th MarchConcludedTBA
Uttarakhand 10th3rd – 25th MarchPostponedTBA
Uttarakhand 12th2nd – 25th MarchPostponedTBA
West Bengal 10th18th – 27th FebruaryConcluded14th AprilTBA
West Bengal 12th12th – 27th FebruaryConcludedTBA

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